Genre: Rock, Americana

Land: Niederlande


Arjan van der Linde: Gitarre, Bass, Gesang
Wietze Koning: Gitarre
Joost Van Soest: Schlagzeug
Christof Bauwens: Gitarre, Gesang


The inspirational ingredients for VanderLinde's musical melting pot stem from the Americana vibe of the Black Crowes, the melodic rock edges of Aerosmith, and the nostalgic balladry of James Taylor. All mixed into the unmistakable distinctive compositions of Arjan van der Linde.

In recent years, VanderLinde has mainly performed outside of The Netherlands. The band toured with Fish (Marillion), Doc Holliday, Bobby Kimball (TOTO), among others. In 2019, Vanderlinde performed at the Kunst!Rasen festival in Bonn, where Fish, Jethro Tull and Riverside also shared the stage. In the Netherlands, VanderLinde supported Di-Rect, Van Dik Hout and Winger.

German radio stations such as NDR2 and WDR3 embraced the band years ago. Reviewers routinely give the albums released in the past high marks and, as the icing on the cake, the band even received a stellar review in Germany's largest magazine 'Der Spiegel'.


2006 - Fertility
2008 - Vanderlism
2011 - Wind and Rain
2013 - Perfect Sadness
2014 - Southbound Train
2017 - Devil's Trails
2018 - Live trails
2019 - Entering the circus
2022 - Muy Rico

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